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I wanted to share with you that in the midst of me currently dealing with pain, foggy brain, etc I always continue to journal, and I always add my devotion scripture for that day to my journaling.

At the end of January 2024, I sat with my phone and decided to write out a weeks’ worth of devotion scriptures for the first week of February coming up so I could just cut & glue them in on the appropriate days, but I wish to share with you all, an amazing outcome.

It is a little hard to describe to you (without actually showing you) how my daily devotions show up on my phone but on my BIOY app I went to each day/date, scrolled to the bottom for the ‘Verse of the Day’ and then proceeded to copy it out – methodically doing this, for each day/date in February that I was wanting.

Now that I am actually in February, coming to each day/date to paste my scriptures in I have discovered that there are now other/different verses there at the end for ‘Verse of the Day’ and I have been confused…

When I searched further, I discovered that the verse I originally copied out, back in January, was a scripture still part of that day’s passages but not the verse for the day!!!  Amazed and Surprised yet?  I was!

Not only did God do it for me on the first of the month, but he also continued to ‘Amaze’ me on following days as well!  I have now concluded that God was trying to get my attention and tell me something through this process.  I was needing to read and take them to heart for this current season I am in – the scriptures that were ‘incorrect’ (but for me) are…

Feb 1st – ‘If you believe you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer’ Matthew 21:22

I am part of a church community that sets Prayer as a priority, and I am on a prayer team that pairs us up with partners to pray with each other throughout the week, so I am blessed and know that I am covered 24/7 in prayer from so many.  My faith in believing in total healing is not in question as I know God is walking in this with me.

Feb 3rd – He brought me out into a spacious place, he rescued me because he delighted in me – Psalm 18:19

In The Passion translation it says, ‘Beautiful Broad place’ and in The Message translation it says, ‘He stood me on a wide-open field’.  If God is desiring to be with me then I can’t imagine any better spaces than all those mentioned, because later in that same verse it says, ‘he delighted in me’! Wow, in me?  That even though I am not at my best; He still delights and desires my attention 😊 For any of you who may have seen the film series ‘The Chosen’ – imagine sitting in his presence and discussing our mundane and simple issues.  A place to be real and honest with Him about our current feelings and thoughts on where we are at!  I can so relate to this, and the attached picture makes my heart sigh with yearning!

(Picture is ‘Abide with Me’ by Gabriel Heaton)

Feb 4th – ‘It is God who arms me with strength’ – Psalm 18:32

I am strengthened by the prayer support of those around me and other friends and family willing to offer their ‘chauffeuring’ skills when I have an appointment to attend. Psalm 133:1


Feb 7th – ‘…no purpose of the Lord can be thwarted’ – Job 42:2

According to, the word Thwarted means - Blocked, Prevented, or Attempted to be changed.  So, no plan God has for me can be blocked, prevented, or attempted to be changed by the enemy in me going through this current season of pain – so enemy you lose, God is still going to use me this year!

Feb 8th – ‘I will be with you’ – Ex 3:12

Dear Lord Jesus, as you were with Moses all his life, through all his constant challenging changes plus using 5 brave women in his life’s journey along the way, I know you will be with me too in this journey I am on 😊 AMEN!

I guess through this whole process I should not be Amazed or Surprised because knowing He is always with me means I should be prepared and expect to have my Heavenly Father tap me on the shoulder regularly to share wisdom and point me in the right direction when the need is there.

Through this, I am feeling super blessed and know God is doing something terrific in this process so am very excited for what He still has in store 😊


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