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Open Doors

While eating my breakfast yesterday morning I was flicking through my social media and came across a post by someone I was not familiar with, but their first paragraph caught my attention…

Prophetic insight, your high seas adventure starts soon! – I feel August is a month of rest and preparation for the next phase of the journey ahead. September will include the start of a new year on the Hebrew calendar, and I feel the Lord is calling his people to prepare for new adventures before you get the full itinerary for what’s to come… (by a mariel_villarreal_ on Instagram)

I have since looked up who Mariel is and feel confident with her whole blog, she wrote… So, I decided to then go out to ‘google’ and find out what the Hebrew ‘Rosh Hashanah’ date for 2022 was…

Rosh Hashanah is the beginning of the year according to the traditional Jewish calendar In 2022, Rosh Hashanah begins at sunset on Sunday, September 25. (

Well now I was really interested as back in 2022 my husband and I had booked and paid for a trip overseas which we were forced to cancel just four days before flying due to our Nation/state going into lockdown (like the rest of the world). So now that everyone is feeling more free to fly internationally, my husband has now rebooked our previous trip, and would you believe we are flying out at sunset on 25th September 2022!

Our ‘Adventure’ will start in Iceland for three weeks – yes there is currently an active volcano erupting … and then onto the southern UK coast for a less active type of relaxation which I am more looking forward to (slower pace is more my cup of tea). We will be in the vicinity of where the above picture was taken (Tintagel Castle) but we are not going there this time. I have stood at that very same spot and looked out through that door, and it is breathtaking.

Further into the blog by Mariel above she shares – ‘open and shut doors, it’s time to pray Isaiah 22:22, God shut the wrong doors and open the right ones…’. I am now believing for God to take me through His open doors for this new season and looking to enjoy the engagement that comes with it!

I am currently enjoying my current, slower pace of activities and doing my best to fit in the occasional walk, swim, and gym sessions. All in the name of ‘equipping’ me for the physical marathon I believe I will be subjected to when I arrive in Iceland. Allowing myself to soak in more time with my Heavenly Father and His word each day. Setting aside those things that may ‘entangle’ us in the every day – Hebrews 12:1 ‘..let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us,’ NIV

Just as my devotion scripture yesterday was Ecclesiastes 11:10 ‘…banish anxiety from your heart…’ NIV.

As a side activity, I am also currently doing a ‘Photo Challenge’ with my sisters, where we have a list of items to take pictures of for 30 days and my DAY 7 yesterday was for ‘Changes to come’ so I posted this…

What has stirred me in this activity is the similarities of thinking my sisters and I all have. On DAY 3 we were to post ‘Clouds’ and we all did with a song attached. Mine was ‘Morning has broken’ by Cat Stevens, my older sister was ‘I can sing a rainbow’ by Peggy Lee & younger sister’s ‘Clouds’ by Barry McGuire.

God has so equipped us individually to be the children he wanted for this time/season, and we just need to embrace it and go willingly with a strong ‘YES’ for all He has set before us 😊

‘Created is the first verb in the Bible and the primary thing we know about God is that he creates. To be made in God’s image is therefore to be ‘creative’.’ – quote from Red Moon Rising by Pete Greig

I love all that God puts on my heart to do, make, share, and more – Lord bring on this next season so that I may grow in my passion for you with all the creativity I can muster!



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