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New Year, New Decade… wow!

2020 has come and gone and now we need to get up and move on for what is ahead!

Do you like the picture? Who does not like shoes?

Towards the end of last year, around September, I was surprised when a surgeon’s office rang to offer me an opening for surgery in 2 weeks’ time (8/10/20) to have major work done on my left foot! With COVID-19, all surgeries were halted earlier in the year and when they were reopened then doctors were going full tilt to get as many done before a possible lockdown happened again… hence why I said yes! It was not what I really wanted at the time but needed to get in and deal with it.

My rehabilitation was rather painful and arduous, but I knew it had to be done and now we are in a New Year I have to re-adjust my capabilities and work towards getting stronger and improve on what has to be done… wear ‘cute’ shoes!

So, my word for this New Year is ‘SHOES’… and having looked at scriptures in the Word, there are two that have grabbed me;

1. Acts 12:7-9 where Peter is in prison and the church are praying for him, an Angel comes to him (because of the prayer) and tells Peter to ‘put on your ‘SHOES’ … and let’s go’

Although I am struggling to get a lot of my shoes back onto my feet (because of swelling) I am sensing this same action now that I have had so many praying for my foot so I really align myself to this scripture for now as I choose to move forward!

2. 1 Timothy 6:6-8 says that we have no need of the trappings and entanglements of this world but if we have ‘bread on the table and SHOES on our feet, that’s (should be) enough.’

I have everything I need – my health, family, food (enough toilet paper besides) so there is now no reason for me not to be getting up to go!

Back in 2014, I wrote a Blog called ‘OZ’ and although it was directed towards another vein of thinking – I also used the analogy of Dorothy and her red shoes (see full blog here)

“ I am using the descriptive picture of Dorothy and her Red Shoes – she arrived in her situation (land of Oz) wearing what she needed to get her home (her ruby shoes) but along the way she touched the heart and lives of many who needed her help!”

I believe the Lord is stirring my heart for 2021 with this same opportunity. If with all that I have been through in the last 12 months, what else is left of importance, then to Go where He leads, Do what He asks and Be all He has called me to be in this season!

Lives need to hear about Jesus this year and I so want my SHOES this year to take me to those who will be willing to listen to me share about Him, come along with me on this journey and let’s share together how it goes 😊


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