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Who has felt like the person in this picture?

Yep, I bet everyone reading has put their hand up! Me included!

I have been on a journey since the 8th May 2018 and in a way, I thought that the majority of my heavy burden had been taken off of me on 16th July 2020 but today, clearly that is not the case….

So I am now asking myself, what lesson am I still having to learn by 'feeling' I am still at the bottom of this mountain?

In any type of ‘challenge’ I always go to the word of God and in Matthew 6:34 TPT it says “Refuse to worry about tomorrow but deal with each challenge that comes your way, one day at a time. Tomorrow will take care of itself.”

I can take heart with this because the ‘challenge’ I faced today is done and dealt with – the best I knew how to do and tonight I have given it to my heavenly father so that I can go to bed and sleep peacefully 😊

Even though I know I still have further aspects of this same issue to deal with tomorrow, I know again that in Roman 8:28 KJV it says, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

In the end, I choose that all I do will bring forth a great testimony to my Heavenly Father – Jesus Christ! So, whatever the issue and whatever the problem I know He is BIG enough to work it together for the good of those that Love Him – me 😊 (and others that are included in this journey).

In light of this then I need to get my ‘ROAR’ on the inside of me and wake up tomorrow morning with a ‘fierce boldness’ to right a wrong that the enemy has done over my family…

The Lord then showed me that these battle-weary saints have lost their ROAR in the battle. They have lost their voice and the ferociousness that they once walked in because the battle has been so intense, but the Lord is moving in power to RESTORE THE ROAR of these battle-weary ones.

The Lord showed me that not only is God raising them back up again in resurrection power as burning ones, burning with the fire of His love, passion, and presence, but He is raising them up in FIERCE BOLDNESS.” (portion by Lana Vawser)

To bring that ROAR out physically, I need to PRAY – (check out another praise report HERE on stolen items being returned)

Lord today, I know you are aware of what has transpired to bring loss to my family and so I give this situation and all it entails to you. You are the one who originally blessed your servant with finances so the financial implications relating to their loss should not be upon their shoulders in this their latter season (‘show respect for the elderly’ – Lev 19:32) but as you own all things (‘a cattle on a thousand hills’- Ps 50:10) I ask that you would return to your servant ten fold what has been stolen by the enemy and bring about your justice and mercy to this calamity. Heavenly Father I thank you for your covering over us all in this COVID season and I also pray for those who have done this injustice, that you would speak to their hearts and souls to bring about your loving transformation to them too for eternity. For you alone are our Lord, Saviour, and King forever - Amen


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