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Door of Hope

This book has been a long time in the making. But during April this year when we were all sitting at home because of COVID 19, I felt God nudging me once again to make this a reality.

I found that simple prompting rather difficult as in the process many things over the last four months have come to try and stop me!

Then at the final hurdle I had the following encouragement to keep me moving forward…

  • ‘ strong & do not give up for your work will be rewarded’ 2 Chron 15:7

  • ‘Trust God to do it His way’ – ‘Do not be afraid or discouraged… for the battle is not yours but God’s’ 2 Chron 20:15

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The Lord showed me that this spirit of heaviness is connected HEAVILY to MANY who are anointed to SCRIBE the words of the Lord in this hour. This spirit of heaviness is coming against MANUSCRIPTS, MESSAGES, SOUNDS, the PENNING of the Word of the Lord in whatever capacity the Lord has it PENNED. There is a major attack against the VOICE OF THE LORD through His people in this hour. The enemy is attacking the VOICE of God's people through decrees and the SPOKEN word, but I saw SO strongly that this spirit of heaviness is coming against those who are being CALLED BY THE LORD to SCRIBE revelation of His heart in this hour.

I heard the Lord speaking to these ones "Take heart dear ones for as I ROAR over you and as My ROAR brings deliverance, freedom, and healing to you, I am IGNITING MY ROAR WITHIN YOU. The ROAR OF My voice shall now come forth with greater CLARITY, SOUND, POWER, AND PURITY. Through the enemy attempting to hinder My ROAR through you, it has caused you to MOVE into greater anointing to SCRIBE what I am calling you to scribe in this hour as I add RECOMPENSE UNTO YOU"

Friends, if that's you, do not withdraw from your assignment. Do not back down. Stay intentional to the word of the Lord on your life to SCRIBE His Words. Whatever your 'intentional' posture to remain faithful to the assignment of the Lord upon your life to scribe is, REMAIN THERE and KNOW that the Lord is ROARING OVER YOU and SUDDEN deliverance and RECOMPENSE is upon you to move into realms, revelation, and empowerment that you have not moved in walked in and experienced before. The confusion many of you are facing is part of this assignment from the enemy to hinder clarity and revelation, but the Lord showed me that as you sit before Him and wait daily as wisdom's doorway (Proverbs 8:34-35) He is releasing this wisdom and understanding to you to scribe that which He is speaking and releasing. There will be FIRE on your scribing!

I pray that those who read my book will be blessed, encouraged & willing to ask the Lord to empower them for greater steps of faith for their own walk in this difficult season.

My book is now available to purchase at the following:

Love Kim


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1 comentário

14 de dez. de 2020

'I thoroughly enjoyed and related to Kim's new book. I have known her for many years and have shared some of her journey, with her family, friends and colleagues. Congratulations and may the wind of the Holy Spirit fill your sails and carry you through to the end of your pilgrimage Kim. Much love and blessings' Kerry

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