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Feet of Jesus

A few mornings ago, while on my phone a picture came up on Pinterest - with a painting of the nail scar (open wound) on the foot/soul of Jesus, and I was overcome by it as it reminded me of my own foot surgery 3 years earlier.

Mine was not a very nice experience, and I struggled a lot with my everyday needs, including the process it took to actually get back to walking on that foot again, contending with the pain - but it has now got me thinking about everything that Jesus faced and would have experienced in his walking journey here on earth, on his two feet!

We have a huge array of lotions and potions to massage into our feet when they are tired, sore, and painful but as I am getting older (not quite double Jesus age yet) the effort to continue walking around everywhere does become draining on my feet. How much then, I wonder would Jesus have struggled?

In Jesus' day, they would not have even had the benefit of the comfort of cushioning in their shoes to aid in walking long distances as we do. The array of shoe choices we have today would probably astound those in Jesus’ time – especially the women, I’m sure

My husband loves to remind me of the shocked look on my face when I was on the table waiting for the doctor to unwrap my foot two weeks after surgery for him to take out the stitches. Yep, I totally understood at that moment why my foot hurt so much!

…Feet are associated with strength and dominion. A conqueror tramples his enemies under his feet, and places his foot on the neck of his enemies. An enthroned king makes his enemies a footstool for His feet. God created man to have dominion, and place all things under his feet….

…Jesus’ feet are also the feet of a priest. In the priestly ordination rite, blood from the ram of ordination was placed on the right ear lobe, the right thumb, and the right big toe of the priest. A bloody head, a bloody hand, a bloody foot – that is what consecrates a priest.

As mentioned above I am stuck by a number of references and meanings in the word of God on feet and their importance and how much we need to be regularly reminded;

· Purity & Cleansing – making ourselves presentable to Him through repentance.

· Humility & Servanthood – offering to wash the feet of others as Jesus came to wash ours

· Preparation & Readiness – always making ourselves available with a yes attitude.

· Spiritual Warfare – if our feet are not ‘shod’ (covered) with His peace, how can we be effective for Him?

· Anointing & Blessing – as we devote ourselves to Him, he will cover us (Luke 7:36-50)

Feet of Jesus by Steven Curtis Chapman -

How beautiful and delightful on the mountains Are the feet of him who brings good news, Who announces peace, Who brings good news of good [things], Who announces salvation, Who says to Zion, “Your God reigns!” – Isaiah 52:7 AMP

May we continue each day to make our hearts right before the Lord and pursue the journey He called us to when we committed our lives to Him – to see others know Him, in a personal relationship, as we do!



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