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Mansion Builder

I enjoyed time out with my daughters and granddaughter the other weekend to celebrate ‘Mother’s Day’ where we are, and can I say they are all rather obsessed with Disney play lists when in the car.  They all really get into the dramatics of the song when driving along and it is rather funny being part of it, I must say!

Letting loose and singing your heart out to the words is rather a ‘cathartic’ experience – I remember doing something similar myself when left to do chores and vacuum the house as a child on a Saturday morning but of course it was not to Disney playlists in my day but a record on the stereo!  I’m showing my age now 😊 I would prance about the house with the vacuum cleaner going and sing at the top of my voice to the songs I loved and believed no one could hear me.

When the words of a song resonate with you, it is hard not to continue repeating it again and again – in a way, make it sink in and set a resolve deep within us and make it be so.

One of the songs I loved growing up was by a group called ‘2nd Chapter of Acts’ and the song was ‘Mansion Builder’

I think I needed the reminder of their words in me so that I would not worry but know that my Heavenly Father had everything in control, and He knew my mind better than I did.  The other thing about that song, was who Jesus is ‘a Mansion Builder’ and he is doing all that is needed where he is, preparing a place for me and loving on my parents as they are now both there with him.

My two daughters are both very gifted and along with their regular everyday paid vocations, they also - one bakes ‘cookies’ and the other does ‘pottery

Together they put their heads together and came up with transferring one of my mum’s poems onto a plate that my daughter made for me…

I was very touched and was about to cry when the waiter from restaurant we were in asked me to explain what it was my girls had given me… this of course cut through the moment, and I was able to share with him the amazing thoughtfulness of what I had just been given!

We are, all of us, unique in so many ways.  I am partly my mum, my dad and mixed into that, other relatives that I probably don’t know as well.  I see the same in my children and grandchildren.  What we individually carry is very unique and necessary to bring what God is asking of us to this world.

My mum brought her unique love, writing of poems and ministry of mentoring into others that God saw as a necessity for his kingdom.  I believe that he sees uniqueness in me too that is needed here and now.

During my life I have been practical at administration, welcoming at running programs, efficient and loving (I think) at facilitating volunteers, humbled by those invitations to minister in so many locations local and overseas and empowered by the one who has made it all possible, to continue walking forward ‘..toward the goal.. God has called me..’ – Philippians 3:14 NIV

If my heavenly father is currently preparing a place for me, I too choose to do all I can today to input into those around me and be a ‘bringer’ of others to His House in this season so that none shall miss out!

Do you carry something ‘unique’?  - I am sure you do!

 Are you able to come around others, to help them to ‘the table’ God is calling us to? – I am sure you can!

Stormie Omartian, who I have a lot of respect for in prayer shares the following ‘You Are Unique’ -

Be Blessed and Bloom for the Lord


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