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Finder of Lost Souls

Recently I watched a movie about Sherlock Holme's sister (Enola Holmes) as a young teenage detective – she came to find her purpose as she says in the movie as a ‘finder of lost souls’.

I was rather taken by that line she used in the movie. Although her role as a detective was more about righting wrongs to get to her unfound people, I felt an affiliation with her as a Christian.

What am I here for?

I am currently enjoying some online weekly ministry that enables me more understanding of what the Bible says, so I can be better equipped for my own personal choices in life circumstances and the season ahead. One quote has been repeated a number of times already this year: ' Christianity is seeing the world how Jesus saw the world, seeing God how Jesus saw God and applying scripture how Jesus applied scripture – Ps Shane Willard.’

The thing that is striking home about my current studies is how much over the years growing up I have taken a lot of what I have read in the bible at face value and not really questioned the possible true meaning. Delving deeper this year to why particular scriptures were written the way they were, has a lot to do with the culture of the time it was written and mostly about how much God ‘LOVES’ us. Because of that, I am now coming to REALLY understand His love and that through reading His word (the bible) with fresh eyes He (Jesus) will always step into ‘the story’ (everyone’s, including mine) where it’s broken and mend it (bringing redemption & restoration) always. So powerful and so lovingly precious 😊

Enola in the movie said she found her purpose as three things:

Detective – investigate and solve crime

Decipherer – convert code or signal into normal language

Finder of lost souls – finding persons who seem to lack direction or a sense of belonging in life

I am now seeing with new eyes, these too are also my purpose in life….

Detect the best ways to meet the needs of those I wish to reach with the love of God and be a blessing in their

situations for the light of Christ to shine through. By creatively running events to bring community and fun to

the lives of those who need fellowship. Sharing hamper/gifts to those in need and seeing their emotional

tanks filled with love by it. Offering another pair of hands to aid in the service of others and much more.

“You can detect them by the way they act, just as you can identify a tree by its fruit.” – Matt 7:16 TLB

Decipher the word of God (Bible) by spending quality time reading, studying, and prayerfully asking my

heavenly father what and how it relates to me today. Then in turn share that new knowledge to pass on

and enlighten others with the same.

“How blessed the reader! How blessed the hearers and keepers of these oracle words, all the words written in this book! Time is just about up.” – Rev 1:3 MSG

Being available in everyday situations to be a guide/mentor to those Lost Souls who desire a touch from Jesus

to transform their lives for great purpose as well. Offering prayer, a shoulder to cry on, and an understanding

heart as I know Jesus would have done in His day.

“…that’s the kind of party God’s angels throw every time one lost soul turns to God.” – Luke 15:10 MSG

The movie above I watched was all about uncovering a deceptive group making working conditions for women and children in 1888 an abomination – even though the slave trade had been abolished in most parts of the British Empire in 1833, things were still very wrong for people living in that day, trying to make ends meet – just like there is for us today.

Regardless of our modern technology, even in 2023, an estimated 50 million people are in slavery today, marking a 25% increase over the last five years.

There are a great many needs today around the world, many non-profit groups are bringing relief to their areas of love and support but to some, it would seem a drop in a bucket compared to what should be done.

What needs surrounding you, can you make right today for others to be blessed?


Lord, today I pray you would open our eyes to the needs around us and enable us, with the gifts you have blessed us with to bring your love, light, and grace to those in need and turn their circumstances around for you to step in and bring the transformation needed in their lives. Amen!


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