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Since the new year, I have been required to cover up with a mask, gloves, plastic apron, etc just to visit with my father in his nursing home. Seems like quite a lot of fuss but I understand the reasons why – we need to consider everyone in this season!

The enemy has been doing what the word says… Playing havoc, seeking to destroy (1 Peter 5:8), and trying his hardest to constrict our voices with this virus by making us cover up our mouths (‘constricting our voice’) with masks…

When I saw the picture (attached) of a bee wearing a mask and it said ‘the mumbling’ I went to find out the meaning of the word – Mumbling = to speak in a very sloppy manner, usually under ones breath, without using the mouth to form words properly.

BUT then in the bible, it says God does not mumble!

Isaiah 45:18-23 - ‘..I am God..I don’t..mumble..I am God I..say what's right, setting things right..’

Also in my search for ‘constricting our voice’ on the internet, I found the following below….

Lana Vawser 13/5/2018 (portion only, see the entirety of prophetic word HERE) ‘…There has been an intense attack of the enemy to “constrict” them, but I am decreeing that they have entered their season of the greatest unlocking they have ever experienced.” ‘…lean in, keep meeting with the Lord at the table (Psalm 23). Don’t allow the battle to “CONSTRICT” and “SUFFOCATE” you, to stop you from intentionally meeting with the Lord. Press through, keep pushing through, the atmosphere is shifting and shaking, and the enemy is terrified because you are taking your place in greater ways than you ever have.’ STAY TRUE TO HIS SOUND I saw in the releasing of this increase of discernment upon the daughters of God, I felt the Lord say “STAY TRUE TO MY SOUND!!!”. (Revelation 1:12) In the discernment He is releasing, stay true to what He is saying, stay true to the sound of His heart and the sound of His love. The discernment He is releasing is founded in His love, it is grounded in His Word and it is releasing life, purity, hope, realignment, and recalibration. It is not releasing death, suspicion, or curse words.’ He smiled and spoke: “The enemy has been attempting to muzzle, constrict and silence you SO MUCH because there are MORE AND MORE …… COMING!!!!!!!!!!!” ‘Daughters of God, there has been an intense battle upon you to CONSTRICT, SILENCE and MUZZLE you, but this IS your season of the greatest unlocking you have ever experienced for YOUR LIFE …’

On the 13th May 2018 (which also happened to be Mother’s Day) when Lana Vawser wrote and published the above word on the internet, I was sitting at my mother’s bedside in hospital after my parent’s car accident on 8/5/2018. I had just recently been told that I was no longer needed in my work role and was feeling very much overwhelmed, muzzled, and constricted emotionally. I had no idea what was in store for me up ahead, but God did!

Since then I have seen God step in and;

  • 2018 miraculously open doors to enable full-time care in nursing home for my mum

  • 2019 amazingly supply me with a new job

  • 2019 supernaturally opened space for my dad to enter nurse home with my mum plus sell their family home for asking price within 6 weeks!

  • 2020 praise the Lord for his protection thru lockdown

  • 2020 thanking Him for lovingly supporting me thru my mums passing

  • 2020 enable me to finish writing and publish my first e-book!

  • 2020 enable me to re-establish and launch a new blog website!

So in no way am I allowing the enemy to constrict my voice as I journey into 2021 and hold me back from what I know my Heavenly Father wants to do for and through me, especially now with all that is going on.

Numbers 6:23-25 AMP 23 “Speak…. Say to them:

24 The Lord bless you, and keep you [protect you, sustain you, and guard you];

25 The Lord make His face shine upon you [with favor],

And be gracious to you [surrounding you with lovingkindness];



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