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On Fire!

The Northern hemisphere is currently experiencing major fires raging through countries according to -

Algeria – Aug 11 more than 62, 000 hectares have burned in the country this year

Greece – Aug 11 fires have consumed 5 times as much as other years

Sakha – Aug 9 wildfires are approaching records for estimated carbon emissions

California – Aug 6 largest fire currently burning in the United States

Turkey – Aug 3 more land has been consumed than normal in an entire year

Oregon Jul 19 / Ontario Jul 12 / British Columbia July 1 / Arizona Jun 22/ Siberia Apr 28

Here in the southern hemisphere, we are in our colder months of the year and trying our best to keep warm and the other evening we were doing that by sitting around a fire pit in our back yard with the grandkids, cooking marshmallows on sticks, and telling ‘campfire stories’. It was a lot of fun, especially considering our grandkids are very young and their version of stories are a little random! There is always something lovely about sitting in front of an open fire and watching the flames dance around and lick up around the wood that has been laid in a precision crisscross pile, allowing oxygen for maximum burning ability – all because it is contained for the enjoyment of a short period of time!

Not so much for those who are currently dealing with their livelihoods, homes and property being burnt and taken away from them in the devastation that fire can bring. I too have experienced that when I was much younger, living in a region of Australia where we dealt with that type of devastation regularly – especially in 1968

As we lived at Blaxland in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney – in 1968, there were significant bush fires, and my Father was part of the local volunteer Fire Brigade. “During the period 15 October until 3 December, a bush fire damaged the Blue Mountains region; affected areas included Valley Heights, Warrimoo, Blaxland and Emu Plains. The conditions of a particularly dry spring allowed the fire to burn for approximately four weeks. Winds up to 100 kilometres per hour intensified the fire font. The bush fire caused widespread damage to infrastructure, houses, and buildings; a total of 1,500,000 hectares were burnt. Fourteen people died as a result of the fire. The damage bill was estimated at approximately one million, five hundred thousand pounds.” Due to the intensity of the community developments at that time and my Father away fighting fires. My mother (also being heavily pregnant with my younger sister), walked to the local primary school to collect myself and my siblings and take us to safety. When my mother arrived at the school (delayed somewhat due to walking in the heat) discovered that there were only two children & not 3 to collect, the school Principal was left to explain! My class teacher (in a fit of panic) had decided to put myself and another classmate into her car and drive us down “Old Bathurst Road” (steep ‘zig-zag’ road) to Penrith, where they were accommodating people lost in the madness of the situation!

As the evening grew late, eventually, parents of my classmate discovered where we were and took me back to their home. After a lengthy ring around the local area, they found out where my family was (at the local fire brigade) and delivered me back to a very distraught mother – who I believe was very relieved!

These 1968 fires had jumped a neighbouring road, burnt a vacant block to the rear of our property, singed our back fence, and come no further – it was like God’s shield was in place for us – amazing!

Extract from book 'Door of Hope' by Kim Stanfield

I recently sat to watch again the movie ‘The Hunger Games’ and in there they refer to the heroin as ‘The Girl on Fire’ – and from that it got me thinking for myself, am I on ‘fire’ or passionate about my current direction and purpose in life? Those things that I really feel are important and do I pursue them wholeheartedly?

I read a word yesterday written by Lana Vawser and the last two paragraphs highlighted for me this same description –

‘We have entered a time in history where the greatest demonstration of the power of the name of Jesus is going to be seen ALL over the earth, the name of Jesus our mighty victor. The company of burning ones, burning hearts with first love fire, not chasing signs, wonders and miracles, but chasing Jesus, and seeing the power of His name trump all other names.

The earth will shake under the power of the name of Jesus, this being the era where it will be heralded from the heavens that JESUS CHRIST IS KING, JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!’

So when God highlights something to me it generally gets repeated and because of that, I tend to sit up and take notice. I am passionate about Jesus, and I really want to be a ‘Girl on Fire’ for him in this season.

In the same movie, ‘Hunger Games’ President Snow has a discussion with Seneca ‘The Head Game maker’ – explaining to him the reason why they run the games - because Hope is greater than fear.

In the word of God (the Bible) it says that;

· We can be confident in Hope – hope assures us!

‘Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see’ – Heb 11:1

· True Hope comes from God – trust produces obedience, which produces hope, which results in joy & peace

‘May the God of Hope fill you with all joy & peace as you trust in him so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit’ – Rom 15:13

· Hope Endures – God has a plan & future for us that is full of hope.

‘There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off’ – Prov 23:18

So how amazing is that – we can be pursuant of God's purpose, running with a heart on fire for Him because of the Hope he has put within us 😊 I am inspired – how about you?


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