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Path set before me

‘Nothing is impossible with God’ Luke 1:37

On the 14th of this month, I got to enjoy quality time with hubby as we experienced a pre-planned ‘adventure picnic journey’ by an online company where you work out clues to get to six destinations and collect pre-purchased food items for your days’ picnic! Such great fun and I highly recommend it!

Due to my recent culmination of hectic personal circumstances, this adventure was like experiencing a mini overseas holiday to my soul as I really enjoyed the process – remembering along the way different aspects of previous overseas holidays that came to mind along the way – for example;

· We visited a Goat Farm – back in 2015 when visiting friends in the south of France, they blessed us with an evening under the stars with local goats’ cheese meal from a Goat Farm near their home.

· We walked the ‘Blackboy Ridge’ in Chittering – back in 2019 in Whanganui, New Zealand we enjoyed a trek to the ‘Bridge to No-where', by boat and on foot.

I have realised how much my heart and soul needs these times of being refilled emotionally to replenish myself on the inside and not ‘boil dry’ like a kettle does when the automatic switch does not turn itself off!

Our church, ‘Kingdomcity’ for their online service that Sunday had their Pastor ‘Blake Young’ from Botswana share on ‘Embassy Moments’ (I encourage you to go online and check it out) and it was enormously powerful. Reminding us to spend quality time in our Father’s presence, so we know our Identity – so relevant for what I have been through since the start of this year.

While out walking the ‘Blackboy Ridge’ in Chittering (see picture above), which of late would have been a struggle for me as I have been recovering from foot surgery (happened five months ago). I was very aware of my surroundings and most certainly intent on the path I was walking so I would not trip up and do the wrong thing to my foot. While walking along I discovered how much the path we were walking was sparkling, like someone had gone before us and sprinkled gold glitter along the way!

When I questioned my husband why this was, he replied that it was because of the quartz in the ground… but as I walked along I was reminded of the scripture I had read that morning (which I started with at top of my blog) and am believing that this month I will be rewarded with not only answers to my current dilemmas but results from my Father in Heaven that will be given to me ‘pressed down, shaken together & running over – Luke 6:38’.

God is good and I know he loves me and wants the best for me, which is why I wish to honour him and share testimony to his goodness every opportunity I get.


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