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Sixty Two Strong

Six – ideally represents sacrificial love and intimate knowledge with the creator.

Two – is meant to bring a blessing, to multiply something or someone.

This month I am celebrating these two iconic numbers together.  I see myself stepping into new territory as I reach greater denominations in my life.  It is hard to navigate the same as I have previously, but I do believe God equips us for what is in store for us 😊

The start of this year has had me experiencing a few physical ‘hic-ups’ but again what is God equipping me for?


When I think about sacrificial love – If I’m honest, I feel that since the beginning of this year, it has all been rather one-sided… me receiving from my heavenly Father, hubby, children, family, and friends pouring onto me with acts of service.  Don’t feel at all that I have been able to reciprocate!

Due to recent medical issues, I was in major pain and the medications I was put on by the doctor meant that I was unable to drive so had to stay home or have others come and pick me up to take me out for appointments.  With spending so much time at home and not being able to physically do very much hubby made sure (while he was at work) that I was entertained by hiding mini ducks around the house for me to find and collect (currently up to 99 – I believe the last one is probably lost or will surface months later).

The meaning of ‘sacrificial love’ is selfless actions and putting the needs of others before one’s own.  I have certainly received a lot of that since January and even more, God has gone out of His way to speak to me through my daily devotions by pinpointing specific scriptures that He has wanted me to take note of!  (See my recent blog Amazed on 11 Feb 2024)

If the Lord Jesus is setting me up now to understand this process better and with more clarity, I think I could have come up with a few other suggestions that may not have been so impacting on myself physically but again, would I have been willing to listen to Him about the process if it was not so testing on me?

When I think of others mentioned in the bible who went through ‘sacrificial love’ to understand the journey God had for them…

  • Abraham was going to sacrifice Isaac his only son for love, but God supplied a lamb instead for love

  • Jacob (son of Isaac) was tricked by his father-in-law into marrying Leah but still worked for another 7yrs to win her sister Rachel for love

  • Joseph (Rachel’s son) is thrown into a pit and sold into slavery (by brothers) for years before confronting brothers in love

  • Job was put through the ringer but God was pleased with his steadfast heart & blessed him

‘For the greatest love of all is a love that sacrifices all.  And this great love is demonstrated when a person sacrifices his life for his friends.’ – John 15:13 TPT

Being dependant on others over the last number of weeks has been an interesting ride and I don’t think my daughter would mind me sharing this but, on the occasions, when I had to drive my mum around, she nearly always told me how to do it!  So, because I know how that made me feel, I try to hold my tongue when in the car with my daughters!  The other week when sitting in the car, my daughter was doing her best to download an app on her phone for free parking prior to leaving the car park but there were others sitting (& beeping) for us to back out! I asked my daughter if she would like me to get out and explain the situation to the driver behind, but she continued on with downloading app and asked, ‘Mum is this stressing you out?’  ‘You know I have it in control mum and you don’t need to do anything and if the driver wishes to talk to me, they can hope out and come ask…’ (which is what the driver proceeded to do - nicely and by then my daughter had app connected and explained we just had ‘a moment’ and were now leaving).

So, I then said ok, and continued working on my own feelings, and thanked the Lord (quietly) that he gave me someone so capable to look out for me, etc.  In a way, I guess, it was like the Lord saying the same thing to me about my current situation.

Am I going to need ‘more’ understanding of this as I move forward this year?  I pray Lord that you would help me to Love like you love and to see others through your eyes for a greater understanding of their situations and circumstances.  Give me wisdom Lord to have grace in all my choices today and moving forward.

For intimate knowledge with my creator, I certainly have a very long way to go on this one and don’t think I will ever exhaust that avenue, but He has tried his hardest to get my attention since the beginning of 2024! I also know that deepening my relationship with him will never be a chore nor will it ever lose its passion for me.

Something that I set as a priority some years back was to book a number of ‘one night’ stays away each year where I would drive south from home, spend the day with the lord fasting, praying, walking, talking, and journalling and then the next morning, go eat a hearty breakfast and return home refreshed.   My season has been different of late, and I guess as these ‘dates’ with my Heavenly Father have not been happening, I guess He decided that I needed to do it in one big hit!

I have had a very abrupt reminder so far this year so guessing this is something I need to continue slotting in time for moving forward from now on 😊


I do pray that I am in some way blessing and loving on those around me in this and every season of my life – to hopefully enlarging God’s kingdom with the power of His story and also bring many more souls on this journey for eternity!

For those of you who have not yet read my testimony or life story – please go to and purchase a copy of ‘Door of Hope’ where I share the many opportunities over the years that my Heavenly Father has placed pivotal moments before me and I have chosen to say ‘Yes’ to what God has for me!

I think there have been a few emotionally revealing seasons over the years but three specifics were;

  • Saying yes to moving to the opposite side of our nation, 3,938 km from my home growing up.

  • Saying yes for 20+ years my husband and I ran and were responsible for orchestrating teams to run programs that spoke into individuals' Christian walk, their marriages, pre-marriage, and parenting – amazing and life-transforming for them and us!

  • Saying yes to going on a mission trip in 2008 where there was civil unrest!

When it comes to the word ‘multiply’ someone or something – I believe that God has activated that within my heart by giving me the strength and faith to say yes on so many occasions.  Because without that I could still be sitting in a small 2-bed apartment in the western suburbs of Sydney today not knowing the breadth of supernatural transformations I have had the privilege of being part of – all because of Jesus Christ!

As my annual celebration looms closer, I am looking forward to;

  • what God brings with it – celebrating with friends and family (cake of course)

  • what God brings out in me – future ‘yes’ opportunities!

and of course, the prospect of giving testament to His ongoing blessing in lives I have the honour of interacting with along the way.

Watch this space 😊


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