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Storm In A Teacup

‘A situation in which people are very angry or upset about something that is not important’ - Dictionary

I find that when I’m upset about a situation, it's generally because it is important to me! So how do we know or discern what is important and what is not?

‘In 1998 the new Choluteca Bridge in Honduras was commissioned and built to withstand hurricanes. That same year Hurricane Mitch hit Honduras and destroyed almost every bridge in the country except the Choluteca. The bridge itself was in near perfect condition but the roads on either end of the bridge had been washed away and the Choluteca River had carved a new channel during the massive flooding that was the result of the hurricane. The river no longer flowed beneath the bridge.

I have great faith in the church which has withstood many hurricanes over the past 2000 years or so because I believe it is the means that God set in place to help him achieve his purposes on earth. We've made plenty of mistakes and got it wrong lots of times, but arguably our biggest mistake is that the river has moved, and we missed the move.

Australian society is very different in 2022 to society in Galilee in AD28 and I'd dare to say, some of the biggest changes have been in the last decade. In many cases not only has the river moved, but the roads on either end of the bridge have been washed away.

When we talk about fresh expressions of church, we are not suggesting that the bridge needs to be demolished or that we give up on using bridges altogether. Rather, we are saying, let's take a look at where the river is, and ask how do we reconnect and become what was intended in the first place. In 2003 the Choluteca Bridge was reconnected to the highway, and I firmly believe that the church can be reconnected to the highway and continue to be the means that enables people to get across the river. But it's going to take prayer, innovative thinking, and a willingness to be audacious and intentional in our planning.’

Article by Rob Douglas – Presbytery Minister for Mission with Uniting Church WA

There is a lot that has gone on over the last two years, not only in our own back yards but also worldwide and we would be blind if we did not see it. In differing places, there has been a lot of angst over a lot of topics, and sad to say it has divided a lot of families and loved ones in the process.

From the initial title of this blog, when reading the above article about the bridge I was imagining the conversations that would have gone on in the engineering and architects’ offices over whose fault it was that the bridge was now not over any water at all…. Ha Ha Ha! Only it was not any of their fault, in fact, they had done a great job!

To fix the situation I liked the comment… ‘take a look at where the river is, and ask how do we reconnect and become what was intended in the first place’. Having those places and spaces to ask the right questions that will get us back on track!

I have ‘storms in my personal teacup’ almost every day but I have to practice stopping what I am doing and assess my situation and ask myself – is this worth getting upset over? That is when I realise that what I am most passionate about and know is important, is directing people to Jesus - and how can I best do that?

Let him have all your worries and cares, for he is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you.’ – 1 Peter 5:7 TLB

I really like what Rob shares at the end … we can reconnect and give people a means to access their bridge once again! Part of my role in my workspace is to train, facilitate and assist as many as I can in coming to an understanding of a relationship with Jesus Christ by running the Alpha Course for those searching to have a welcoming space to ask those questions to help them find that relationship 😊

Over the month of April 2022 here in Perth, Western Australia I will be part of the following events and would love to encourage as many as possible to join me on this journey!

1. Tuesday 5th April - Alpha Free Introductory Dinner at South Perth Uniting Church

we encourage you to come, invite others and join us for a great night.

Register your attendance by phoning Rev Mark Illingworth on 08 9367 1218 or myself on 0421 239 144

Venue address is - 2 Sandgate Street, South Perth

Start time - 6:30pm

2. Alpha Course Promotion - we will be handing out flyers at 675 Hay Street Mall over the next month (near the entrance to Trinity Arcade) over lunchtime. Please do come along and join us as we encourage people to 'Ask us any question' and invite them to join Alpha starting up after Easter!

Tuesday 5/4/22 – 11:30 to 1:00pm

Wednesday 13/4/22 – 11:30 to 1:00pm

Thursday 21/4/22 – 11:30 to 1:00pm

3. Alpha Courses Starting - please PRAY for these courses starting on the following dates, for the leaders, volunteers, and participants – that you too may know someone you could bring along?

South Perth Uniting - Tuesday 26/4/22

St Andrews Uniting - Wednesday 27/4/22

Trinity Uniting - Thursday 28/4/22

4. Next Alpha Team Prayer – all invited to join us on Friday 29/4/22 at 5:00 PM - Venue TBA so please contact me at for more info.

I know and believe that God can ‘calm our waters’, re-direct where we should be flowing for him, and bring about all things for His good so today, I pray that you will be guided by Jesus for those friends and family that are struggling and bring them to ‘a bridge’ (Alpha Course) near them and enjoy the amazing journey God so desires to bless in this season!


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