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Cross Pollinator

The picture here was taken by the owner of the beehive. The beekeeper forgot to put the frames in which the bees collect honey, and the bees built their own architecture from the honeycomb, which takes into account natural ventilation so that the air can flow freely and maintain a stable temperature. This is the heart!


How remarkable is our God to create such insects that can be so creative! I was in awe when I saw this picture (because I love hearts and heart-shaped items) and it made me think of previous comments, I have heard about our bees declining in numbers and without their input, what it may do to our crops, and more!

I work in the city for a church organisation and our management has orchestrated beehives on our city building rooftops and they produce quite a quantity of honey (I am told).

When you sit and think of where the bees in the city would have to go looking for their pollen within the city limits, it's rather interesting because the nearest parks are quite a distance and the bees would really have to scout around to find pollen items closer to their hive.

I decided to go searching on items about bees and …

By Tom Shanklin (below is just a small excerpt from his web - )

Cross-pollination is an important part of crop production. Hybrids are produced by intentionally cross-pollinating two varieties of plants. The resulting seed is more powerful, more fruitful, more resistant to disease and pests.

We have learned on our little farm that apple trees require cross-pollination to even produce a crop… Likewise, Christians require cross-pollination. But too often, they are receiving the same old diet. They hang with “their own kind.” They listen to the same type of messages from the same type of minister, and they lack the perspective that comes from having a relationship with the whole Body of Christ…

It’s time for some fresh blood! Invite a guest speaker from another stream. Make some new friends. Get out of your rut. Cross-pollinate! I’m not talking about bringing someone in who is not standing fast in the basics of faith. Just get someone who has a little different perspective … who can light your fire in another way.

… I encourage you! Cross-pollinate and enjoy the good healthy fruit which it will bring!

When I read the above excerpt, I was very encouraged because, in my role where I work, that is in a very real way what I am currently doing – ‘cross pollinating’. Although I actually fellowship at a church community in the suburbs of our city, I actually work for another church denomination, in the city center but my role there is to run Christian programs for those who work within the city for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to introduce and encourage them to ask questions in a safe arena about the Christian Faith and I know that my approach to these programs does shock some of my work community (as our religious beliefs differ) – but I believe God has orchestrated (put me there for such a time as this – Esther 4:14) me to be there for this season so I am trying to be mindful of them and work with what God has put in my hands!

Tom Shanklin above says that we need those who can ‘light a fire' within us so by sharing these programs I run, I pray that I am able to light a fire within others for a greater experience with Jesus in their lives.

I know one occasion when I was dropping off items to one of the city churches, an elder of that church was sharing they were not feeling well so I asked if I could pray for them – when they said yes, and I placed my hand on their shoulder to pray there and then I think they were shocked. They said after that they really appreciated my prayer. Sometime later they asked if they could attend the prayer course I was running and their reason “I want to be able to pray like you did for me that day.”!

I want to help people know the Lord as I do but like the bees in our city, it seems a little barren of receptivity, openness ‘pollens’ that would help me share - so like the hive that the bees created in the picture above I need others to join with me in praying for ‘God’s spiritual ventilation, to allow his Holy Spirit ‘air’ flow freely and maintain a stable temperature for His heart of love to be evident!’

Along with the programs for new Christians, I also make available programs for Prayer, Parenting, and couples for Marriage…

‘each pollinator bee is a little cupid that creates hot romances between plants…

each bee can be considered a matchmaking agency.

that arranges introductions for a nominal nectar fee.’

Be Blessed by the Lord today

and ask Him to use you!



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