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Still connected!

In this lock down season, life has become very much a connection via social media!

We are all unique individuals with different textures, colours & more (skin colour, personality traits, education etc) but we are all together in this wave of a ‘grass meadow’ that is ebbing and flowing in the breeze of current life circumstances 12

I was watching sessions on Facebook of different ones – groups, bands, orchestras all coming together online to sing & play (separated & keeping their distance of course) amazing hymns, current songs and more… one set of media (obviously filmed prior to lock down) is a group called ‘Choir, Choir, Choir’ who thru invitation, engage large groups of unknown individuals to come together and sing as one voice -

But there are many more doing fantastic works combined online (with distance) …

Even in this season my own church (which covers 26 sites around the world) are engaging with many more thousands logging into our web site links, pod casts, live views and others for connection to hear and be part of what God is saying for today!

So, because of our lock down and seeing many around the world doing these things it brought to mind the scripture in Luke 19:40 (AMP)…

40 Jesus replied, “I tell you, if these [people] keep silent, the stones will cry out [in praise]!”

So I am seeing that across the world we have the biggest gush of human individuals crying out with one voice, more than ever before to worship & prayer – and even if they don’t realise why – it’s because at our centre, God has created with in each of us a ‘God space’ that is hungry and needs filling and I would say that this season has made it so very clear how important that is to each of us and deep down we really do know what we need and who we need to turn to – JESUS!

Can I encourage you to watch this next link for the most vital ingredient to help fill that empty space within this weekend – be blessed this Easter Weekend


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